Author Janet Capron


August 21 at 2:00, Janet Coleman Dozer  interviewed Janet Capron live on WBAI for her radio show,  Cat Radio Cafe

August 16, Bennington College posted an interview with Janet Capron on their Tumblir site, OUTPOST

July 30, celebrity interviewer, Martha Frankel, aired an interview with Janet Capron on her Woodstock radio show, Booktalk 


July 24,  New York Times best-selling author, Caroline Leavitt, posted an interview she did with Janet Capron on her blog, caroline leavittville. When she shared the link on facebook, she wrote, “I'm telling you, this book is a classic already. It’s THAT good.” She also wrote in the lead-in to the interview,

“I love Janet Capron’s debut novel/memoir, BLUE MONEY…Really, you want to buy six copies of this because every page is a memory that’s startling, shocking and yeah—amazing, too.” Caroline Leavitt Blogspot

June 14, Playboy interviewed me and excerpted a chapter: Playboy Interview with Janet Capron

The Playboy interview has been reprinted twice: on Lit Hub later that week and more recently in Vol. 1 Brooklyn:

On Thursday, August 31, Ben Shields interviewed Janet Capron. Publication pending.