Blue Money by Janet Capron

New York street life in the 70s: cathouses, gin mills and dead-end relationships

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Blue Money, by Janet Capron

Smart, lurid, and engrossing, Blue Money reads like an authentic dispatch from the dark side of 1970s New York.

– Drew Nellins Smith, author of Arcade

I was struck by how wonderfully Blue Money paints such a sharp picture of that time.

– Kenneth Bowser, filmmaker, writer and director of American Masters' Phil Ochs: There but for Fortune

Those who appreciate trigger warnings may not appreciate this book. But for anyone else, Capron's eloquent and electric memoir of radical feminism, avid prostitution, and the wish for old-fashioned love will be hard to put down.

– Daniel Bergner, author of What do Woman Want?

Blue Money is nothing less than a total reboot of a genre hitherto dominated by the male 'bad boy' writer. Perfect that this story takes place in the free-wheeling 1970s because it brilliantly recalls the voices of that era's literary enfant terribles –Exley, McGuane, Donleavy – and in the process creates something thoroughly new and uniquely feminine.

– Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish

A modern day Moll Flanders ... terrifically entertaining and brilliantly written.

– Phillip Lopate, author of Art of the Personal Essay

Author Janet Capron

Janet Capron has always lived in New York City where she received an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University’s School of the Arts Graduate Writing Program.